Municipal Solid Waste

With emergence of Municipal Solid Waste as a big problem for Municipal Authorities here in India and abroad, company introduced many indigenously developed equipments to process Mixed Municipal Solid Waste. For over a decade company has served many Municipal Authorities and now became, arguably, the largest manufacturer of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plants in India.

With more than 100 installations across India, Company is amongst the most experienced group in the field. Capacity of the Treatment Plants ranges from as low as 5 TPD to as high as 3000 TPD of Fresh Municipal Solid Waste.

Promotors of the company were members of technical sub-group constituted by honorable supreme court of india. the technical sub-group designed municiple solid waste processing plant suitable for indian cities in modules of 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 TPD capicities.

Company offers ' Turn - Key ' Solutions for the following :

  • MSW to Compost Facility.
  • MSW Sorting cum Transfer Station.
  • Pre-Screening Section for RDF / Power Projects.
  • Reclamation of Dump-yard.