Our Services

Our Services

Municipal Solid Waste Project on "Turn-Key"

We have decades of experience in setting up Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plants and our group has installed number of such plants across India. We manufacture various equipments used in processing of Mixed Municipal Solid Waste. We intend to provide our customer end to end solution viz from conception to implementation of the Municipal Solid Waste Processing project.

Project Consultancy. - Preliminary Project Report. - Detailed Project Report

We have a holistic and process-oriented approach to project management consultancy. We look after the client's interests, and challenge both clients and collaborative partners throughout the entire process from idea to inception, design and tendering to construction and handing over of the project

Operation and Maintenance Contracts

We assist our client in are possible way to easily work in this innovative sector. We undertake short tearm maintenance contracts of our plants to give our clients complete pease of mind.

Marketing Development

With our vast experiance in waste management sector. We fully assistes our clientsin marketing of end products viz compost RDF, Concrete rock, Recyclables etc. We also help in developing new products from recyclables to gain better returns of investments.